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About Us

Our Team

We are here to help you discover the Africa that we know and love

Graeme Harker - Co-founder

Graeme Harker, the driving force and co-founder of Africa Golf Safari, is a true aficionado of adventure, golf, and the wonders of Africa. With a passion for both the game and the continent's incredible wildlife, Graeme has combined his loves to create an unrivaled experience for travelers seeking luxury and excitement in equal measure.

Mark Marais - Sales & Marketing Manager

Originally from Zimbabwe, Mark has been in the UK for over 35 years and for the majority of this has enjoyed being at the forefront of the golf travel industry. Mark is a seasoned travel professional with a passion for crafting exceptional experiences and unforgettable journeys throughout the Africa and beyond!

Shelagh Harker - Co-founder

Shelagh Harker, the co-founder of Africa Golf Safari, brings an artistic flair and a deep appreciation for Africa's cultural richness to our journeys. Her passion for creating unique, immersive experiences has been instrumental in shaping the distinct character of our tours.