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Africa Golf Safari

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Embark on an extraordinary odyssey with our meticulously tailored Family Golf Holidays to Africa, where the captivating allure of Victoria Falls, the pulse-quickening excitement of safaris, and the serene beauty of tropical beaches seamlessly blend with the joy of golf. Imagine your family marvelling at the spectacular Victoria Falls, a breath-taking backdrop as you tee off for a round of golf, creating a unique fusion of natural wonder and sporting pleasure.


As you venture into the heart of the wild on exhilarating safaris, the thrill of spotting wildlife harmonizes with the thrill of perfecting your swing on world-class golf courses nestled within the landscapes of Africa.

The adventure continues on the pristine sands of tropical beaches, where you can unwind and enjoy leisurely rounds of golf against the backdrop of azure waters and swaying palm trees.

Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries not only immerse you in the vibrant cultures and mesmerizing landscapes of Africa but also provide exclusive access to top-notch golf experiences.

From expertly designed golf courses that cater to varying skill levels to personalized golfing excursions, we ensure that every family member, from seasoned golfers to beginners, finds joy in every swing.

The journey transcends beyond the greens, inviting you to explore the rich tapestry of African traditions, relish local cuisines, and connect with communities that add depth to your travel experience.

Our commitment to excellence encompasses every aspect, from luxurious accommodations that reflect the spirit of the destinations to seamless integration of golf into the adventure.

Join us in creating a mosaic of unforgettable moments – where the thundering beauty of Victoria Falls, the raw energy of safari encounters, and the tranquility of tropical beaches harmonize with the joy of golf.

Let Africa’s enchantment captivate your senses as you forge lasting bonds within your family, sharing rounds of golf amidst the rhythm of discovery, togetherness, and the undeniable magic of the continent.

Africa Golf Safari

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